Club History

The club was first founded in 1979 by local Greek Australians under the name East Altona PAOK Soccer Club, taking their nickname and black and white stripes from the famous Greek club of the same name. The PAOK name was changed to Altona East Phoenix Soccer Club in the 1990s in accordance with Australian soccer authorities policy at mainstreaming soccer in Australia.

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Circa 80s – team unknown
The bbq’s in those years were always an important resource for raising money. Founders, board members and friends of PAOK did everything to support the effort to keep the association alive until today.
Early 90s: The boy in the photo holding the PAOK flag is Yiannis Xydias and next to him is the then president, Vangelis Giannakoulis.
Early 80s. The kids of PAOK in the early years when they played in yellow and green. Standing from left, Peter Zafaropoulos, Markos Michalidis, Paul Bednar, Chris Garonidis, Sam Meletis, Haris Michalidis, Nikos Iosifidis and a coach (name unknown). Seated from left, Kostas Pavlidis, Alex Politidis, Kostas Loutakis, Michalis Tsigeridis and Theo Tipasidis.
Early 2000s: The footballers Peter Groidis, Nikos Papadopoulos, Paul Donnelly, Teri Antoniadis, Yiannis Dimitrelos, Scott Hynds and Daniel Geonovesi in the golden era of PAOK East Altona.