AESC and EPFA Partnership!

We would like to announce our new partnership with Elite Performance Football Academy.

Meet Josh Berrios, Josh joins our team and his resume speaks for itself. He has played in Argentina, Chile and Spain as a youth player. He has also played as an NPL senior player for Melbourne knights, Moreland Zebras & Northcote city.

Josh was coached by Eduardo Berizzo while his time in Chile 2012, he is the former coach of Sevilla fc & Athletico Bilbao in La Liga Spain. Eduardo Berizzo is currently the national coach of the Chilean national team 2022 .

Josh has lived in the Barcelona FC training camp in Buenos Aires Argentina (CEFAR) ran by Jorge Raffo former Boca Juniors player / coach.

Josh is an experienced strength & conditioning coach in different Boxing gyms around Melbourne. He provides 1 on 1 coaching for NPL players / Up and coming A league Youth players and coached senior teams in State League and a senior player for Altona East S.C.

This partnership will allow our miniroos and juniors access training of an elite standard at our club.

This academy will be open to all of our players that wish to further their skills and knowledge of the game.

Sessions will mostly run in conjunction with team training.

We look forward to seeing the growth and development in our players in 2023. More info soon.

*costs will apply.


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